A really tasty dhal ...

Some of you from the computer centres of the former Chelsea and Queen Elizabeth Colleges will remember the "mass curries" I used to do every month or so at my batchelor pad in Wandsworth back in the Eighties ... at least a dozen people, loads of wine, those were the days (sigh). Well, here's the recipe for one of the dishes I always did - a simple but tasty lentil dhal which no matter how many gallons of the stuff you make, you can guarantee there'll be none left :-)

To make a small amount - about 2 pints, enough for 2 people as a main dish or 4 as a side dish - you'll need:


If you're particularly health conscious, you might prefer to substitute oil for the ghee (which is rich in all things bad for you). You could even add an Oriental flavour to it by using peanut or sesame oil. You can also use green or brown lentils instead of red but they'll probably take a bit longer to cook.

It'll keep in the pan for a day or two but if you use a black cast-iron pot like I do, don't leave it there overnight as the dhal will turn black. It freezes well so you could make it by the gallon, eat some of it and try to save the rest (some hope!) for the freezer.

If you like this recipe, let me know and I'll paste some more up here :-)

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Andy Thomas, February 6th, 1997