Here are my present cars ...

I've always been lucky enough to drive interesting cars - no boring Euro-boxes for me! (OK, I did once have a Ford but that was an early 60s Anglia 105E fitted with a 1600 Cortina engine. And I didn't have it very long, following a midnight mishap involving a wheel coming off at speed ... )

Whenever I can, I escape from home to my garages in Palmers Green to spend time doing up cars - or just to potter about for a few hours and come home late absolutely black with oil, dirt & grime :-)

The current project is rebuilding the chassis and running gear on a friend's Jensen 541R after which I'll at long last begin the restoration of the Jensen Healey below.

about my Jensen Healey GT about my Rover P6b
Jensen Healey Rover 3500 (pictured at Brooklands)

I once had a Jensen Interceptor which you can see here.

See what I'm up to in the garage right now.

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Andy Thomas, August 26th, 2010