What's going on in the garage at the moment ...

grinding in progress on the front chassis of the 541

Work on rebuilding the chassis and running gear on a friend's Jensen 541R has ground (excuse the pun) to a complete halt owing to lack of time and funds but I hope to kick-start things again in the summer of this year.

Here's what the garage looks like at the moment - the dark car in the background with the yellow registration plate NFS 190P is my Jensen Healey GT. what the garage looks like at the moment ...

The Rover went back onto the road recently with a new all-stainless steel exhaust system from P D Gough and Associate, a radiator expansion bottle has been fitted and the windscreen wiper motor assembly overhauled and refurbished. The heater unit is now out of the car (I've bypassed the hoses with a 'U' bend made from 15mm copper pipe) and has been stripped down ready for complete refurbishment.

Various other mechanical and electrical repairs will be carried out in the coming weeks - there are leaks in the power steering pump area, a very heavy clonk from the left-hand rear suspension and the thermostatic switch that controls the Kenlowe electric cooling fan failed years ago and has temporarily been replaced by a dashboard switch. The thermostat has now been repaired with bits from an old central heating boiler thermostat and will be fitted into a diecast aluminium box together with a relay so that the fan can be fed direct from a heavy current source, with the dashboard wiring just carrying the small current required to energise the relay coil.

my Rover P6B outside the garages

Sadly, nothing has been done to the Jensen GT.

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Andy Thomas, August 26th, 2010