Preamble ...

With apologies to 10cc, I believe more in the integration of art into functional design than just 'art for art's sake' and so my interests lie with the physical art forms - architecture, design and historical periods - rather than static visual displays.


My favourite styles are Art Nouveau and The Bauhaus but it doesn't just stop there - memorable examples from other eras that spring to mind include Rievaulx Abbey (North Yorkshire, 17th C), Chartres Cathedral (Paris), Royal Crescent (Bath, early 19th C), some of Charles Holden's Piccadilly Line tube stations (early 30's), Gant's Hill tube station (1940), RFH, South Bank (1951), the main hall, Metropolitan Police College (Hendon late 50's), Guildford Cathedral (60's) and so on.

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Andy Thomas, January 10th, 1998